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Carnoustie and North East

Golf Vacations Scotland – Carnoustie & North East

Welcome to Carnoustie Country

Angus and Dundee is one of Scotland’s most diverse and interesting regions. From the sandy coastline peppered with inviting coves and striking sandstone sea-stacks to the magnificent heather lined glens where red deer roam, there is so much to see and do.carnoustie_ne_map - golf vacations scotland

This was, in Scotland’s ancient times, the seat of the Kingdom of the Picts and there is much evidence of this peoples existance, particularly the intricately carved standing stones that are still dotted round the Angus countryside. Here at Arbroath’s blood-red sandstone Abbey in 1320 Scotlands Nobles signed the Declaration of Arbroath declaring independence form England. Here also you will find the roots of the charecter peter pan and the starting point of Captian Scotts famous Antartic Expidition.

And it was here on the East coast of Scotland that the game of golf was born and flourished.

Golf Vacations Scotland – Carnoustie & North East
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